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Full Version: I've thought about it, and...
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...I think I might stay on this forum for just a little bit longer.

And not just in the Resource section, but the whole forum in general.

When I decided to leave, after a while I felt that it was a stupid decision, so I've decided to return.
It's good to have you back, girl! We all have our bad days, so it's a little silly to stop commenting due to a few blunders.
Don't know what's been down but hey, it isn't the end of the world if something bad happens on an internet forum. Just make the best of every moment and always look at the bright side.
That's great! You were one of our best members here on this forum Cute
Good to hear, it's great having you around Smile
Thanks everyone! I love you all Heart
Glad you chose to hang around a bit more, you're a cool person.
Glad you decided to stay! Smile
Trust me, whatever you've done isn't the worst of anyone here; even after all the garbage I've been through I didn't leave, so you're fine (and just imagine how embarrassing it is to have to live with a history like that lol).

Just try to improve yourself in the future, is all I can say, and people will continue to respect you (at least, as far as I can tell Tongue).
I left for a couple months after making, what I considered, some stupid decisions pretty recently after joining. Something good to remember, what might seem really stupid to you, probably isn't so much to other people, or if it is, they won't sweat it for long, you shouldn't either. Don't worry about it and remember that it's just an internet forum and your life doesn't hang in the balance if you make a silly mistake.

Not sure why you left in the first place (none of my business) but I'm glad you came to the decision you did.