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Full Version: Hello fellow spriters!
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Hi everyone! I am Super Smash Spriter, but you can all call me Smash! Anyway I've been a BIG fan of the Spriters AND Textures resources for a very very long time now! and I hope to make some neat ol' sprites! I'm VERY into making custom sprites and pixel art! I am so EXCITED!!!

Umm... hi...
Always cool to see people who have profited from the resource sites.

Welcome to the forums, Smash! I hope you'll post some custom sprites so everyone here can help you improve wherever the possibility may lie. Smile
Welcome to the Resource, Smash! You certainly made a SMASHING entry, you seem pretty enthusiastic which definitely isn't a bad thing!

Hope you enjoy your time here Smile
He-heh. thanks, man. I have been working on several sprites that I want to share with the world, but I don't have an instagram, twitter, or anything. So I thought what better way to start than my favorite spriting website: The Spriters Resource!
I like making custom sprites too! Maybe we could critique eachother? Welcome to the Resource Smash. Hope you have a SMASH. Wink
You guys are MUCH nicer than the guys back at SmashWiki. I have a feeling I'm gonna LOVE it here.
BTW is there a way for me to upload pics from my computer to a thread instead of copying a URL?
I don't think so. You can easily upload images to imgur and link them from there, though.

Welcome, btw!
Actually there is.

When posting a reply, right above the post buttons, there's an option to add an attachment. Click browse and find the image you want to post from there and voilĂ !
Thank you all. I am going to ROCK the spriters resource!
[Image: GBR0xPo.png]
I'm just gonna let you guys think about what the HECK that is...
Looks like a Cackletta edit to me.

Am I right? What do I win?
Correct!!! There is no prize, sorry... I will show you the full sprite, though.
[Image: D54Ijg8.png]
It's what I think Cackletta would look like if she was possessed by the Dark Star.
I'm gonna show more of this stuff on a pixel art thread. So you guys can check out all my cool sprites!
Yes! Yes! YES!!!