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Full Version: Beads or mosaic or pencils with Mosaic GUI !
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Exclamation EDIT : 17/01/15 : V1 VERSION AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH AND FRENCH. Please visit the official website and support this project. Exclamation

Hi everybody,

I want to present you a future software (actually in BETA version) which will help anybody to do pixel art with HAMA or PERLER beads for instance : Mosaic-GUI.

Website :
Indiegogo support :

What is Mosaic-GUI ?

Mosaic-GUI is a future easy and powerful Java GUI to convert photos and pictures for beads and mosaic such as Hama© for instance.
An exemple of generated patterns thanks to Mosaic-GUI is available here.
You can send me mail to or a pm or an answer in this topic for ideas, comments or questions Smile

What are his features ?

Actually, the beta version of Mosaic GUI has many advantages :
  • This software works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • You can load jpg, png and tiff files like pictures or photo.
  • You can select/crop an area of your picture/photo directly.
  • You can load/create your own palette colors easily in txt format.
  • You can configure the size of your beads/mosaic and the maximum width size of your project.
  • 2 special filters to convert your pictures : figurines (indexed filter colors) and photos(dithering filter colors).
  • You can generate pattern of your converted picture in HTML file : a light and easy format file to share your creation and print your creation's instruction
  • The HTML file contains pattern, numbers of beads/mosaic and his colors and the size (Lxl) of your project.

How can I help you?

Your donations will be very helpful for many reasons :
  • to pay infrastructure and web costs in order to build an official website.
  • to have time to test and improve beta software like contrast and luminosity filters
  • to plan to make an Android version in future releases by buying devices in order to test Mosaic GUI in different platforms.
  • to put this software in GPL licence and share it with GitHub.

Also, any contributions of ideas are welcome to power up Mosaic-GUI.

In a friendly manner
This is a software, so I'm moving it to dev thread. I like the idea though, could certainly help people who make perler bead art.
Hi Gors,

(01-11-2015, 02:58 PM)Gors Wrote: [ -> ]This is a software, so I'm moving it to dev thread. I like the idea though, could certainly help people who make perler bead art.

Ok, thank you to move the topic in this area Smile.
Yeah, it will be very usefull for PERLER and HAMA beads. I plan to release my software in GPL licence soon (4 or 5 days) because I stable it very quickly Smile
I plan too to release the HAMA and PERLER color boards for the software.

In a friendly manner
Hi everybody,

Finally, I write a tiny a complete manual to use Mosaic_GUI. All instructions and methods in one manual to do beads project Smile
Have a nice day.
Hi everybody,

Mosaic_GUI has it own Facebook page. Check it here for comments, questions, news... for all things ^^
Please share it Smile

Have a nice day Smile
Mosaic GUI