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Full Version: D3coded-The Combo Platformer
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Hello there! I'm making a platformer game called D3coded, the goal is to have a fun levels,deep combat, and tons of customization. I posted my first demo a while back on the game maker forums and since then I've been reworking the code and redoing some animations. However I lost my motivation and my momentum and I'm hoping that posting here could help.This game is nowhere near done, the plan is to get the engine down then move on to the enemies and levels. I would greatly appreciate it if some of you guys could play the demo and give me some feedback on how to make it better. One more thing my first demo has more content then my second demo, this is strange but like I said before I'm redoing a lot of stuff in the game and I thought it would be best to get feedback while everything is up in the air.

Basics Mechanics
Controls(Custom Controls are available)
Drivers and Elemental Drivers (first demo only)
Beta Menu(Won't be in final game)
Some Screenshots
Here are the download links
First Demo 
Second Demo <Newest One

Anway this post is kinda long so I'm going to wrap things up. I'm not a great pixel artist nor a great programmer but I hope that doesn't turn you away from the game. Thanks for reading all of that and I look forward to your feedback.