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Full Version: Golden Sun Dark Dawn style Icons
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Greetings and Salutations!  Though I may be new here in The VG Resource Proper, I have made good use of the resources you guys have had to offer in the past.  I figure it's only right that I then share with you guys stuff I've made with said resources~  Now, keep in mind that this isn't going to be all I've made - I've lost quite a bit of data due to hard drive crashes, so I can only share stuff that was uploaded to image hosting sites before the appropriate crashes.  Still, what I do have, I'm willing to share, as well as what I'm calling the things associated with the sprites.

Note that only the stuff I personally have done will be shared - I use other assets too, but many of those were created by others for me.  Doesn't feel right to take credit for them.  Also note that I will provide a clean sprite if able, but for stuff made before my harddrive crashes, I'll post what I can find.

First thing's first - my reworked sprite sheets.  I don't take credit for ripping these, only cleaning them up and making them presentable.  You can find the actual work on the spriter's resource proper.
So, with that out of the way, here's the stuff I've personally done.

[Image: CWRReveal.png] - Reveal
[Image: AS01_ArcLightning.png] - Arc Lightning
[Image: AS02_FulminousSpark.png] - Fulminous Spark
[Image: AI01_Thunder.png] - Thunder
[Image: AI02_ThunderArc.png] - Thunder Arc
[Image: AI03_ThunderArray.png] - Thunder Array
[Image: AA01_IonBurst.png] - Ion Burst
[Image: AA02_StormGrenade.png] - Storm Grenade
[Image: AA03_SparkSphere.png] - Spark Sphere
[Image: AL01_Paralyze.png] - Paralyze
[Image: Q7mFi4H.png] - Frost
[Image: CqJGd5D.png] - Tundra
[Image: oJCsEBf.png] - Glacier
[Image: IBRELaw.png] - Cold Shard
[Image: BPdlcPr.png] - Frost Spike
[Image: 116vlqR.png] - Ice Dagger

I still can't believe that I had to make icons for spells that had already existed before in the franchise...
Ohh! This is pretty great stuff! Have you ever done work for indie RPGs? Your icon skills are very marketable and you might be able to get a job over on the PixelJoint or WayOfThePixel forums.
Art is actually not my forte. Mechanical design is. Art is actually one of my weak points - it's why I pay other people to do it for me in most cases. As for this, it's mostly because it's a passion project of mine. I'd love to get into an indie game studio, sure... but doing it through art would not be the way to go.