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Full Version: Arkenova's Sprite Gallery
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Among my return to the forums, I want to bring up that I've done pixel art before and albeit it's not the best, it's certainly not the worse. In this Sprite Gallery, I will show off works, past and present so sit back, relax and let the pixels amaze you. Oh and don't forget about dropping criticism, that's a good requirement for improvement!


[Image: seichilarge.png][Image: ayasuka__revamp_sprite__by_arkenova-d85zjtv.png]
I admit. DragonBlossom wasn't exactly in it's prime back when I started it in late 2012 and the ridiculousness of its system was a bit too complicated, so I reset it's cast with the exception of the lead character. Now look at it! It's on it's way to be a much better looking game than before!

[Image: ayasuka__2014_to_2012_versions__by_arkenova-d83o8ro.png]
The massive metamorphosis. Look at how lovely the sprite turned out! (Look to your left)


[Image: helga_haruka_pixels_by_arkenova-d7zi973.png]  [Image: specter__sprite_vr___by_arkenova-d77b6qb.png] [Image: specter__w_o_helmet_casual__by_arkenova-d7zi9i1.png]
These are just fanarts. Majority is from the Ape Escape series.

[Image: inazuma_fankid__mikie_evan_by_arkenova-d7zh1cq.png]
Pixelart of one of my Inazuma Eleven GO fankids.

[Image: saru__saryuu_evan__pixels_by_arkenova-d7zh1ww.png]
Did several variations of SARU from Inazuma Eleven GO!

[Image: sprite__milla_custom__by_arkenova-d7wn6xe.png]

..and did even Milla from Freedom Planet!
Your style is adorable! Hope to see more from you!
(12-09-2014, 02:14 PM)Midi Wrote: [ -> ]Your style is adorable! Hope to see more from you!

Thank you very much. I like your style as well! Smile
If you wouldn't mind, could you also post your works in 1x resolution?
(12-09-2014, 03:39 PM)Virt Wrote: [ -> ]If you wouldn't mind, could you also post your works in 1x resolution?

Oh sure. Hold on, I'll try to add in the next update.
Annnnddd BUMP! New sprites coming in.

[Image: niko__icon_revamp__by_arkenova-d8ajcdj.png][Image: lydiana__icon__by_arkenova-d8a04ze.png]
Here are ones of my fankoopas. I may rework Lydiana (on the right).

[Image: _pixel__will_by_arkenova-d5pauej.gif]
A really OLD sprite of my Earthbound FC, Will.

[Image: tumblr_static_kohtaevil.png]
For those who watched the SARUGETCHU: On AIR anime, you might know of Kuuta, right? Well, if not Kuuta, is like Specter's younger brother and so yeah, I designed an alternate form for that monkey that's reminiscent of his brother, Specter.

I may need to start doing sprite dumps or something like that.