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I've tried spriting before, and I used to suck. I stopped spriting since then and I suck even worse so I'll just put it here and you guys can help me be a pro at this. I want to improve my spriting skills because I love sprite art and want to be able to be skillful enough to make any sprite and pixel art I desire. Here's a custom.

[Image: yjtIwT1.png]

[Image: yjtIwT1.png]

I used the TFR pallete for this because I have a bad taste in colors if its all right. Cute
How about having a look at this? It should give you a few ideas on how to apply shading and highlights based on a light source.

[Image: Apple-2.png]
Thanks. I didnt know what I was thinking with the shading. I updated it now. Smile
You can barely see the darkest shade on the bottom. Either make it thicker or remove it.
[Image: HS8BFq5.png]

[Image: HS8BFq5.png]

Thickened the darkest shade.
The shading doesn't follow the surface of the ball. With directional lighting (like sun-light), you can shade according to just the normals of the surface. If you don't know what I mean by normals, checkout the images in the spoiler. The more the normal is in direction towards the sunlight, the more lit it is. Likewise, the more the surface normal faces away from the sunlight, the darker it is.

[Image: Surface_normal.png]
[Image: sphere2.jpg]
[Image: sgJRAi2.png]

[Image: sgJRAi2.png]


Edit: I sprited an alternate ref of mine. I feel that some parts of it are wrong but I need your help guys. Smile

[Image: QuberdI.png]

Edit 2: A smaller, TFR version of the above character.

[Image: 2jOFFnU.png]
Can someone help. Umm... yeah.
On that bigger ref sprite something seems off with the lighting and outline. Some partsseemtoo jaggedy and could use some smoothing out.

I'm on my iPod right now so I can't show you what I mean very well.
Yeah I think I found the problem. I was using photoshop to make the sprite transparent but it ended up deleting a few pixels around the outlines.

[Image: eoSwXpr.png]

Fixed. I think
You got a lot of banding going on. Also, none of the shades on the jacket or face are noticeable - up the constrast.

Your avatar pic looks like it's "dirty" or "noisy", btw.
i think its because he said the avatar as a jpeg, perhaps?
No, tVGR automatically jpegs some avatars for some reason. It can be solved by having transparency in there, since then it has to be a PNG
I opened the image manually and it came out clean. (right click > open image)
K. I think I finished with the shading problem on the jacket.

[Image: go3CyUu.png]


[Image: 71968C5.png]

I tweaked the colors a bit to suit my liking using the tfr pallete as a base.

[Image: 7MG3HOa.png]

ooh and I made this little cute squirrel thing. It's called a Quizzle. Cute
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