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Full Version: Sonic Adventure 2 Fan Remake Development
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[Note] Forgive me if I'm a bit "Not used to" the methods of posting on this site, i'm quite new here.

Hey Guys,

You might not know who i am, or what i do, but i came to run down some intel on a project I' have been working on.
So, I'm a 21 year old guy, who pretty much spends his time on a PC, making stuff, but..
I never really got anywhere until i worked on a SA2 Remake.

Now, this "Project" of mine is a heavy thing, It's been worked on for almost 3 years now.
It's been through a lot of re-done work, Since i had to improve what i did before.
Here's 2 Examples



That right there is, Shadow The Hedgehog, holding a Green Chaos Emerald.
It's quite late that I've decided to post this on this site, but it's because i haven't had much to learn from here, but now that i have the time, i
think to do so. This Project has had Thousands of Fans Running up to me and following me, creating a fanbase of my own.

I Will try to explain things, so.. 
Here we go!


Hello Guys, i'm thejeterman,
I'd like to bring to attention that a new game is being developed, but is being delayed. The game I'm developing takes a lot of effort of building,Scripting, and taking the time to texture it. All my Builds are made by hand if not helped by a friend. (Very Little) My Game Covers the Adventure Genre and is actually Sonic Adventure Directors Cut X, and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

-{Information of Development}-

These games were very popular in 1998 - 2008 until Sega DreamCast and Gamecube (Game Consoles) Died off. but i've been inspired so much by work of others in ROBLOX that i think i'd give a try to replicate these games. it's been a struggle of 3 years, but as the studio updates got better i Increased my Scripting Ability and started to manage to make Sonic Physics (As in Wall Running, Wall Jumping,etc).
I've also done some custom animations with the new Animation Plugin. i can create multiple Worlds for HUBs/Adventure Maps, and also action stages.

No i do not Intend to break Copy-Rights of SEGA (1998) Game (Sonic Adventure) and or SEGA (2002) Sonic Adventure 2. I intend to only Re-Create my Childhood.
All Rights are Reserved to SEGA and the Sonic Team.

-{GamePlay}- Well for now i'll be only focusing on Sonic's Gameplay for the time being. Since all the others tend to be a lot more difficult. i've tried scripting Knuckle's Wall Climbing. it's buggy, but it works.
For Sonic's Gameplay we'll be using Fast Paced Action, which brings extraordinary Nostalgia. Highly Detailed Maps that don't lag your PC, (Free Models and or 15k parts + can lag your PC down)

The levels are quite accurate, except some in size since my Studio likes to play jokes on me. but i've still done a lot of good levels. 
Visit them here:

Metal Harbor:

Station Square:

Egg Carrier Exterior:

Egg Carrier Interior:

Pumpkin Hill:

Ark Showdown Cutscene Model:

-{Character Data}-
Now anyone who is interested in this Topic will be thinking if i will add Character Morphs/Models/Etc? Actually i will i've made Characters Already, (Meshed Replica Characters) With a lot of work into them. and i'd like you to see them here if you want to:

-{Job Application}-
I am Accepting people to Apply for Certain things on this project.

1. Scripting

2.Video Trailers/Movie Trailers/Teasers

If you have Read to the end of this post, I thank you a lot, for reading Information on my New Development, and i Wish all of you Joy
I have tons of things to fulfill and Bring to the users of ROBLOX, Inspiration and Passion for SADX,SA2B, and other famous ROBLOXian's work have burned me like if i was Fuel. thank you for this chance, i hope you have a wonderful Day. Big Grin

--TJM (Thejeterman)
Please note that Metal Harbor was made by me, and that the full version (or at least the most recently updated version) can be found here:
(11-30-2014, 06:18 PM)Rocky28447 Wrote: [ -> ]Please note that Metal Harbor was made by me, and that the full version (or at least the most recently updated version) can be found here:

That is quite outdated, Mine is complete. although not yet "fully" released
No, yours is not complete Jet.
Moved to Game Development.
(12-01-2014, 06:53 PM)Rocky28447 Wrote: [ -> ]No, yours is not complete Jet.

Mine is complete, i haven't uploaded it as of yet.

You for some reason decided to do some updates to yours, but whatever Tongue