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Full Version: Mr gimmick like game for the GBA help wanted
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I'm making a Mr gimmick like game for the GBA i was going to be a port but my friend suggested I should make my own game base on the awesome  gameplay of the NES (semi-classic) Mr gimmick.  i need help with the level's and sprite's at the moment it only using sprites from Mr gimmick from when it was a port so if anybody wants to help they can.
My main question is this: why waste the time, money, etc. to make a game play on a platform that only a relatively small niche still has?

The amount of time and money that would go into developing a game for a discontinued platform is simply not worth what miniscule payoff that might not even be there.

I'd recommend developing the game with the intent of having as many people able to play it as possible. i.e. Steam/Online/WiiU/PS4/Xbone. While it'd be kind of cool to have a physical cartridge of one's own game, it's a waste of money to mass produce obsolete cartridges
i see where you're coming from but i forgot to mention it's designed to be easily ported to other consoles such as ios/windows/mac/linux/ps3/ps4/xbox360/xbox one/wii/wii u/ds and 3ds/flash(online)

so far where got in on ios/windows/linux/wii/ds and 3ds (no sound and graphics bugs)/flash (low fps) and i got it on ps1 but who who'd want that (the console has not aged well).

but the mane console is the gba because it is the easiest to develop for and it a good retro graphic middle ground not like modern "retro"game's they use new hardware and looking at the pixels none of them are realistic to run on retro hardware apart form the game retro city rampage bit that was originally designed for the nes and look where the game is now.
Unless you mean playing on an emulator, your game will not be "easily ported" to other systems. Although making a ROM and then playing it on an emulator would mean instant cross-platform play. I don't think making a cartridge just for your game is a good idea; maybe play it on your GBA using a flash cart, which is cheaper and far more practical. Also, I hope you're not planning on selling this game; Nintendo doesn't allow that.

One last thing, could you PLEASE use proper capitalization and punctuation? Your posts are really hard to read without them.
Sorry for the punctuation I'm typing on an iPad so it was awkward typing because of the awkward keyboard, but now my laptop is fixed I can type better.

I make my homebrew ROMs using visual basic and all modern systems can run and the only problem will be graphics. I made a program that is practically an emulator, but only emulates graphics, but it's a bit buggy so I can use only 4 colors including transparent for sprites and 4 and no transparency for the background layers. So I'm emulating it sort of, but not, its complicated to explain.

The copyright thinks of the old hacking tools for the GBA and news that was not licensed by Nintendo and all the unlicensed NES games. And people are making homebrew carts for the news and sum for the snes and Gameboy DMG / colour and one company has made gba cart's don't look that good but its a game and hasn't been shut down by Nintendo. But they did run out of stock and may not get more, but it a has been happend.
I think that too much focus is being put towards what the game runs on where it should be placed on making a good game. We can run around in circles about what the game runs on and technical limitations all day, but at the end of the day: even if it works perfectly software-wise, if it's not a compelling game it'll fall flat on its face and will have been a waste of time and money for everyone.

SO, putting aside hardware, here are a few questions to consider:
-What makes your game stand out from other similar games?
-Is the game more focussed on the story or the gameplay?
-What is your target audience with this game? kids? Teens? Adults?
-Would this game stand on its own without having to lean on being similar enough to another game?
-If there is a story, what is the most important theme and how does it affect gameplay?
-What kind of art style or "look" are you aiming for? cartoony?

There are also other things to address regarding overall development;
-Who is in charge of graphics?
-Who is in charge of music?
-If you plan on having contractors do design/sprite work for you, how do you intend on compensating them for their time?
we may be pretty much restarting the project for the pc and it may be 2.5d game if it go's ok we have been thinking of doing this for a while because of hardware limitations and game play problems i have decided to try a new game all together it in very early prototyping stage but it plays ok but it look nothing like the gba or over versions but it still good.
Wait, so what happened to all the stuff you wrote in Visual Basic?
You made an entirely new engine for a completely different game in a day?
The stuff on Visual Basic I will still continue making that. the new game may be make on the on the game maker engine and if you no what your doing you make a prototype a game in 3-4 hours.