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NOTICE This event is now over. Thank you for participating, everyone!

You might have remembered that I hosted the previous VG Resource Advent Calendar event last year. Well, I'm doing it again!

Like last year, just try to create pixel art for each of the days from December 1st to December 25th. Even though you could use practically anything from Christmas specials to video games (i.e. dress Mario as Santa), just make sure that it's in the spirit of the holiday season! Also, I would like to see a good deal of these entries themed on the various members of this community.

Anyway, to kick off the advent calendar, I whipped up this little image (which even shows my usual process for creating pixel art).

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zpsd5fa88c0.png~original]

Have fun!

Okay, here's the image for the second day.

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zps6611f7e2.png~original]

With the time I have, I didn't have a whole lot of time to refine this. While it looks fine, I'm certain someone else would do a better job on this than me.

Anyway, nothing says Christmas like the concept of little Christmas Lights bouncing across a boardwalk infested with glass-eating dinosaurs!
(12-02-2014, 02:52 PM)E-Man Wrote: [ -> ]Okay, here's the image for the second day.

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zps6611f7e2.png~original]
Where did you find this picture of my cousin
3rd Day

We find Nabbit doing exactly what he doesn't: giving to others.

[Image: Nabbbbbbit.png] [Image: Nabbbbbbit_X2.png]

But...I don't know how he's going to fit down that little chimney, let alone the bag.
(12-02-2014, 09:42 PM)Zadaben Wrote: [ -> ]Where did you find this picture of my cousin

Funny you should mention that. I found it in an old photo album Dazz keeps in the VG Resource archive. Please don't tell him that I was snooping around back there.

Now for today's image!

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zps14d68149.png~original]

Looks like my interest in putting cute female Zelda characters in animal suits finally got the best of me when I stuffed a certain pirate in a reindeer suit. Still, it was otherwise worth it!

Also, don't worry about my author character at all. ALttP Zelda and Anju helped E-Man down, and he can't really die from hanging anyway. It's just that he'll end up with a very sore neck for the rest of the week.
I take it that you guys didn't like the sprite from yesterday. I tend to have a bit of a dark sense of humor and I'm not afraid to take jabs at myself. If you'd like, I can edit the picture to make it a little less offensive.

Anyway, I hope today's picture puts a smile on your face.

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zps954a52ed.png~original]

Since Neweegee put a mustache on his character, I thought this was very logical.
Here's another one for the calendar.

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zpsaa7b4239.png~original]

By the way, would it be possible if you guys could make more sprites for this? I made five of the entries so far and I don't really have time to create a unique sprite each day considering what projects I have to work on (i.e. my Paper Mario project).
'Tis the season to be chibi
[Image: ax57K4M.png]
Aah that's so cute! Thanks Ploaj! :h:
Since I made a C. Blue Luigi Snow Miser…

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zpsdba5995f.png~original]
Trying to do this sprite on top of my Paper mario project and a doozy of a commission really burned me out… Ouch!

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zps2e3fa65a.png~original]

I hope this is at least decent.
I messed around with pixelart and several hours later..

[Image: specter__more_the_holiday_version__by_ar...89b7ir.png]
I come up with Specter from Ape Escape. Tongue
You're welcome.
Baegal got a demotion from an all powerful fairy to a holiday snack.

[Image: VGRChristmasexp_zpsdc0a9898.png~original]

Understandably, he's upset.
So, I was setting up the scene for my advent calendar picture tomorrow, and things got a little dicey...
[Image: ibdAnHYcrMOrxl.gif]
Wow, never thought I'd get an advent pic earlier than intend. I'll be sure to count this for tomorrow then!

Also, I'm sorry that you got tangled up in those lights. ^^;
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