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Full Version: Loose Cannons
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Hey friends! 

If you've been following PewDiePie than you will know that he just hosted a game jam. If you actually have taste, you probably didn't. However, I participated in the jam and created a little game I like to call "Loose Cannons". I did all the programming and sprite work, and Sketchasaurus did the music and made the background. 

We were actually planning on continuing this project, and would really like some feedback from you guys! Big Grin 

[Image: 39975_1.jpg]

What would make this game more fun/unique? 

You can check out the current game here: Loose Cannons Game Jolt Page

If you feel VERY generous... maybe cast in a vote? cough cough.. hack.. spew..

Love to hear from all ya'll!
I haven't posted anything here for a while. But that's probably because all I've been working on has been Loose Cannons. 

We've added a whole lot since my initial post so now that it's more of an actual game than a weird engine demo. 

[Image: tumblr_nk5ax2IYjg1u0vrjvo1_1280.png]

Now players can shoot in 4 directions, melee, and throw their enemies as bullet projectile! 

The music was made by Crappy Blue Luigi, and I've received a lot of help from Sketchasaurus. We are continuing the project and wanted to see what you guys thought or felt should be added in the game. I'm open for any suggestions for improvement!

Thank you Big Grin