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Full Version: The Adventures of Blank Null Nothing And The Dancing Potatoes of Evil
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Full Name: The Return of the new adventures of Blank Null Nothing and thr Dancing Potatoes of Evil 2 EX TURBO Upper Collector's Edition Director's Cut feat. Knuckles From Knuckles May Cry Series POTY (Potato of The Year)



Blank Null Nothing must conquer the dancing potatoes of evil to reach the door to the next level. Many challenges await him, so equip your tetradirectional gun to destroy monsters, blocks, follow umbrellas, water plants and make tomato juice!


Arrow keys: walk
W, A, S, Very Sad shoot in 4 directions
R: reset current level

Game Over Menu:

R: start from scratch
G: continue from the current level

OBS: This game is mainly in Portuguese but nothing really makes sense so don't worry... I guess the prompts are simple enough to be understood.

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omg it's finally out
this is the game of my dreams
Great job, there were actually some really cool things that I didn't expect! I loved the hell level sound effects Tongue

Not sure if you're looking for C+C but I noticed that if you go into a wall you can't slide along it while holding that direction. Like, if you go to the right and touch that wall while still holding right, you can't slide along it with up or down until you let go. This can make manoeuvring a bit tough and frustrating, especially in tight spaces. Also I noticed that the point counter doesn't reset after you die.

These could be intentional, I dunno, but if they're not then it might be good practice to try fix these. Regardless, once again very well done, I had fun Smile