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Full Version: Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds (FULL GAME)
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Full Game Download (Warning, it's 380mb for those adverse to big sizes. Music wasn't even the main culprit before anyone asks. Loottssss of large character sets and some pictures were used in the making of this game.)

Download Full Game Version 1.2.4

Current Version: 1.2.4
1.2.4 Fixes
- Mario's Battle Stance takes 3 SP
- Edited Luck's Last Stand's, Critical Rush, Lucky Touch's, Final Strike, so they're not as cheap.
- Konnor Typo
1.2.3 Fixes
- Typos
- Rolling Billows cutscene glitch if return late in game.
- Final Strike does Criticals 60% of the time and costs 5 BP.
- "Splash Hammer Finish" fixed
- Wuzzel Woods blocks re-entry fixed.
- Safety Boots Badge for Mario gettable

1.2.2 Fixes
- Throne Room in Rolling Billows people and dialogue fixed.
- Numerous Typos fixed
- Escape Escape! and Fleet Feet badges fixed

1.2.1 Fixes
- Bug causing Combo Assist to give random states such as Paralyzed or Fainted.
- Bug when returning to two of the boss rooms in the Morterers and the KK Bases.

1.2 Fixes
- Passability error in West Cheddar Desert
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary (completely now)
- Fixed Mixing of Technical and Technical+ Ores

1.1 Fixes
- Metal Ore + Light Ore is fixed to make Glowing Metal Ore.
- Fixed being able to walk across a sand pathway in Cheddar Desert without hitting a switch.
- Fixed the black screen when you re-enter Kammy's part of Swiss Sanctuary.

You can redownload and just place your "Save01" file in the new folder.

From the makers  of Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages...
[Image: 2lsa882.jpg]

Quick Game Info:
-RPG Genre
-Made in RPG Maker XP
-Heavily edited Tankentai XP battle system with Paper Mario styled Timed Hits

It's another day in Bowser's Castle.  The Koopa King is recanting his past glories to a script toad (stolen of course) as suggested by his advisor Kammy Koopa.  It's going rather poorly. A Koopa servant bursts into the room with urgent news: "Your Ruthlessness, there are some weird things going down in the dungeon!"  Annoyed with the incompetence of his minions, King Bowser heads down the fix the problem with Kammy right behind him. Little did they know that this little disturbance would become a big problem, and Castle of the Koopa would soon be the stage for the fight fate of their world!

Discover the history and mystery of the 8 Starlites and the powers they hold. Team up with friends, foes, and new acquaintances as you all work together to stop a new threat!


-20-30 hours of gameplay in the main story
-Vibrant cutscenes with expressions and effects, making full use of the sprites, and even going beyond
-Action Commands (Timed Hits)
-Timed Defense (Like Paper Mario)
-Full, Paper Mario style badges (All skills learned from badges)
-Mouse Support in battle and in field
-Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Kammy, and 2 Minions playable
-4 types of badges (Party, Mario, Luigi, and Bowser)
-Control Bowser/Kammy on main field at certain points of the game
-New, mouse-based first strike system
-Helpful HUD coupled with use of overworld skills
-Many sidequests that lead to powerful secret bosses
-Online Starlite Stream that allows you to fight specialized enemy's. Monster of the Moment
-Large assortment of minigames, both in the main quest and for side quests.

Release Trailer

5000 Downloads Appreciation Video

Special Strategy Videos from Developer: Will be updated - SPOILERS
Old Videos
Keyboard Script by Cybersam & Synthesize
Mouse System by Shun
Sideview Batle System 2.2xp by Enu, Atoa
Title Skip XP by Punk
MOG Menu by Moghunter
Individual Battle Commands by Atoa
Battle Windows by Atoa
HP/SP/EXP Meter by Atoa
Destruction Engine by Rataime
Parallax Background by Dubealex
Autoscolling Panoramas by RPG Advocate
Hero and Event Frame Script 1.1 by The Sleeping Leonhart
Modified Advanced Weather Script by Ccoa & Agckuu Coceg
New Particle Engine by Arevulopapo
Enemy Detection System by Gubid
Advanced Message Script by XRXS Scripter
Battle Report by Raziel
Alchemy Pot by The Sleping Leonhart
This might be a bit of a stupid question, but wouldn't it be great if you were to use a fresh, new sprite style for this kind of game? I don't mean to sound rude, but a lot of the Mario fan games (especially the RPGs) use the same Mario & Luigi sprites over and over again. By trying a completely new style, it'll help your game stand out from all the other ones.
I agree with E-Man. I love the M&L 1-3 style, but I think you should come up with your own sprite style.
...Um, I'm not a spriter I guess. Even if I was, I'm not sure why I'd create custom sprites when BiS sprites and others are there and haven't been used in a Mario RPG fan game in any meaningful way. I did have to make custom poses once in a while or edits to the sprites, but that's how far it went. Making the game already took long enough lol.

As for there being a lot of Mario RPG fan games with M&L graphics, I suppose that's technically true. But a lot of Mario RPGS get "Started". Which is a large difference. They don't get anywhere. Barely anyone of them progress past the first battle or first chapter or so. We've seen a lot on our forums as well.

Other than the two Mario RPGs we've released, I'm struggling to think of another full Mario RPG completed. So I don't think "standing out" is a problem haha.
Then use other sprites.

Like for instance...
[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

I always loved this style. Yardovich is AWESOME.
U-Division (This is actually C-Division posting. I'm just using his account since it already existed...we're brothers) actually had a small rm2k3 project that used SMRPG sprites and was similar in battle system. It was kind of mission based. It had a demo or so.

Anyway, back to the topic.

This is a completed 30+ hour RPG game that's taken years to make. And it released months ago.
Why would I suddenly change the sprites of the entire game now. That...doesn't make any snese.
Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but a weird thing to bring up to say the very least.

BiS looks better than SMRPG to me anyway. And SMRPG doesn't have near the range of expressions and sprites (and good looking enemies) to be suitable for this rpg.

So can the sprites thing be put to rest? It says "completed game" for a reason.
Okay, okay. Sorry if I bothered you.

But I would like to try out your game soon, and tell you what I think of it. Smile
I see the point Mystie and nate are trying to raise regarding the sprites.

You're using M&L sprites for a Super Mario RPG sequel, which has mechanics close to Paper Mario. It would make just as much sense to use PM or SMRPG graphics for this game. Half of the tiles don't look in style with the sprites, may it be because they're resized or because they clash: if you look at the SMRPG screenshot, the background goes well with the sprites because it's all prerendered, it feels consistent. It was made to work together.
The fact you use M&L sprites means your game's going to be judged in regards to the standards set by M&L, whereas you'd be setting your own standards with original sprites.

I'm not asking you to undo all your work (don't think Mystie nor nate were either), but you could consider it for your next project.
A guy posts a complete, 30+ hour game and the only thing people have to say is "UHH YEAH YOU SHOULD'VE MADE YOUR OWN ARTSTYLE" I do agree with everything you guys are saying, but it's ridiculous to skip over everything else.
Actually, the writing is what got me here. @__@

It's Super Mario RPG writing with the visual slapstick of the Mario and Luigi games...and Bowser doesn't feel that much like Bowser. He kinda sounds like that loud guy at the cocktail party who wants everyone to think he's a real cool guy but instead comes off as a massive dweeb, written far too colloquially for Bowser. And that's a bit of an issue, being he's the mouthpiece of the Mario Bros. in this game.

i.e. in the final battle: "THIS, we can agree on!!" is not grammatically sound no matter where you go - I get it and how it's being used, but it just doesn't read well.

If you're considering returning to that part, I'd suggest [dialogue + scripting]:
cue Bowser chuckle, Mario's pre-jump squat animation -> "Now THAT'S something we can agree on!" -> Bowser fight pose [that level-up one from BIS would do] "Let's put an end to this and restore peace to our world, Mario!" -> close bubble, Mario leaps in

It'd really play up the momentum during that cutscene. :V

If anything, though your other characters are written well, and the gameplay seems super solid! It's just...
Bowser doesn't seem very Bowserish. :/

Oh - and one more thing: Does "Fungah! Foiled again!" make any appearance in the entirety of the game's script? This is important as you can't consider this game a sequel to the Squaresoft-made "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" without it