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Full Version: The Wasp Game
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Current Build:

Hello, good people! I am a guy who is fascinated with insects, but my favorites just happen to be wasps. Paper wasps, to me, can be a lot like humans: They have small families, they're good at building things, and they have a cool stinger... (Ok, we don't have stingers)

Getting to the point, I've decided that the first game that I will complete will place you in control of a wasp. Currently, the vision for this game is more of an arcade-style infinite run, in order to limit the scope to something reasonable for me in my current position as a student. As shown in the above video, the wasp flies to where you click, and this will allow you to dodge incoming hazards, which include beetles, leaves, etc. Aside from that, you'll collect flies and other more appetizing insects to increase your score. All summed up in this hastily-drawn mockup.

[Image: WaspMockup.png]
The game that I intend to complete doesn't extend much further than this, as I'm mostly focused on completing a quality project, but the idea has a much greater scope than this single game. For me, that's incredibly exciting.

I'll be making this with Unity.


Now that the basic movement is done, I'm planning to work on programming the environment and creating all the assets I need. The wasp you see in the video is a placeholder that I found on the internet; I think now is a good time to build my own. Of course, this is also the time to define the art style, so I'm playing around with concept art.
One thing that I noticed the video is that the Wasp gets in the way of the action. He's covering up wherever the player taps and it's really distracting.

On the side of art and aesthetics, I would suggest that you stray away from having regular moths and other insects. Players want to play as characters instead of symbols or general things. What's cooler: playing as a wasp, or playing as a giant wasp robot!?? This doesn't have to cause any structural changes to the game, but it can add novelty and interest in your game.

Other than that, this is a good beginning product for a game, and I am glad you are looking into it realistically.