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Full Version: Super Mario Fusion Revival
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Hey, I never remade this topic. Lemme fix that.

So yeah, Super Mario Fusion Revival aka SMFR aka Smuffer, is a Mario fangame by Fusion Team. Have a video:

The version .5 beta is out now if you want to grab it. We're always looking for feedback. You can get it here -
I'm quite impressed, but there is one thing that bugs me. What would you say about changing the sprite style for Bowser? It looks obvious that he is from the M&L games and it doesn't really match the style of the main cast too well. Maybe do something about that and tweak the other character sprites to better match Mario and Luigi's sprite style?
I always thought Bowser's color was a bit off myself, but right now there isn't much we can do since the game's main spriter disappeared.
I would offer to help with the sprite work, but besides the fact that I'm not the best at pixel art, I'm very busy with intense projects.

I wish you luck as you find a new spriter or relocate the old one. You can probably deal with the problem in another update or something.