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Full Version: Last Legacy
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The last thread got swept away with the TSR archives.

Last Legacy is a magic themed platformer game in which the protagonist has a terraforming ability which allows him to manipulate his environment in real time. Our hero has to jump from dimension to dimension using wormholes to find his way back home again. Each level is packed with puzzles and enemies to overcome. There is also an upgrade-able equipment system so that you may become stronger as you progress from dimension to dimension.

Here's some screenshots from the latest installment, Last Legacy: Null Space.
[Image: eEpmHUi.png]

[Image: GKuXzDL.png]

[Image: dtzrgXy.png]

In an effort to improve and balance the gameplay, I've been rolling out successive versions of the game and listening to community feedback between every release. Starting with Chapter 1, our team was focusing on the possible puzzles that the block placing and removing mechanic could offer. In Chapter 2, (Null Space) we switched our focus towards combat and upgrade-able stats. And now we are working on the third and final game, which is dubbed "Chapter 3" (name is not finalized). In scale, Chapter 3 is supposed to contain twice as much content as the other two games combined. A main feature of chapter 3 will be an open world, which you can explore containing multiple Zelda-style dungeons. One large inspiration for the game was that we wanted to make a Zelda or Metroid game using a fantasy setting along the lines of Castlevania.

You can try out the older version of the game here:

Last Legacy: Chapter 1 (2013)

Last Legacy: Null Space (2014) [trailer]

If you want more information about Chapter 3, you can opt-in for future beta tests here. Or check out the website,