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Full Version: I am new, and vulnerable.
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I have just hatched from the new-user eggshell so I'm going to flop around uselessly before I grow feathers, scales, or whatever I might grow here.

I signed up looking for information on how to rip things from PS3 games. After playing one specific game, I decided I'd try and do it myself. I hope I learn how to navigate the files quickly, because this looks overwhelming.

I like the colour green, and I tend to be easily distracted. I'm not sure what else would be relevant here.
Welcome, Esbeckett! Hopefully you'll be able to learn what you want here, and maybe even more Wink

Enjoy your stay Smile
Hey! If you're looking for advice, I'm happy to help out where I can Smile
Here I was expecting to get picked apart by forum-raptors, with their malformed toes and cynicism. Oh well!

I just joined, so I can't ask for much. I'll quietly look through what I can, first. And try jabbing the files I have with various applications.
Welcome to the forums, Esbeckett! If you came for ripping advice, you're definitely in the right place!

What PS3 game are you looking to rip from in particular? Big Grin