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Im new here! Looking forward to stalk people's works
(10-14-2014, 10:31 AM)Elk Wrote: [ -> ]Im new here! Looking forward to stalk people's works

Let us stalk each other's wordsssssss!
Oh, I actually remember you...

Welcome back! :>
I'm Nate.
I'm head honcho around here so if you need anything come to me.
No but really welcome!
Hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome back Elk~

(post some more art ok Heart)
Welcome (back) Elk! I don't think I know you, but hope you enjoy your stay (again)!
Your name does seem familiar for some reason! So welcome (back)!
Elk is the bomb. We still use his art on the site for the select a letter page! Smile
I recently started getting into 3D Modelling / Lowpoly / Game Art, occasionally I still do Pixelart but not that often, so I might hang around at the model section a little more, partially I'm over at the Blender Community aswell to seek mentors whenever I require help with whatever I do :p

I was surprised that you're still around Dazz