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Full Version: Adventure Time Retro game
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A few gents and I are creating a game based on the aply named show. 

It's basically going to be taking elements from Castlevania and Ghouls n Ghosts.

I will put up some images and sprite sheets here. 
A few updates

-We have a working map that imitates the style of Castlevania 3's level transition

-A screen of one of the levels + an enemy design
Doesn't look half bad! Do you have an engine working yet or are the screenshots mockups?

I believe our programmer uses MMF2.

We're working on getting a public video by the end of next month. Hopefully.
Please tell me the game contains the following:

If not, I may be plagued with challenges to prevent me from getting into this very attractive yet difficult-looking action platformer.
I believe that's the option menu.
[Image: tumblr_nb5aapQ0pA1rawii0o1_250.gif]

A little bit of a CS for our game

A little .gif of one of the first "Power Attacks" used in the game.