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Full Version: Minecraft Sonic Texture Packs
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Hello! I am currently working on a number of sonic theme'd texture packs using textures either from, or derived from classic Genesis sonic games for minecraft. I do need to at some point make some requests however I need to apparently make 20 posts, and this thread should get me started as well as give you guys access to indev versions of my pack to critique. The pack links will be posted here as they become available. Note that this thread is not a request but if you were inclined to click around the site I'm sure you could figure out the kinds of things I need, however I will make specific requests once I have posted enough to do so.

Versions and Information
Sonic 1:
[Image: sonic%201.png]
About: This pack will be themed on the sprites and textures found within sonic 1. Sonic 1 does not however contain enough conceptual pieces to completely fill minecraft so some interpretation of existing textures will be needed (example, extracting pallet colors for wool and basing wool on some texture  pattern in the game)
Stats: 32x32 block textures, and sprites only. Some mob textures possible in the future.
Status: Most environmental blocks have been implemented currently in production.

Sonic 1 + Sonic CD: Coming Very Soon
About: Since Sonic CD uses a similar art style and tilization system to Sonic 1 so this will serve well to fill out the minecraft texture pack with more authentic Sonic textures than sonic 1 alone. The textures from CD will only serve to supplement the sonic 1 textures so this is primarily a sonic 1 pack with sonic CD added in where sonic 1 falls short. Even though Sonic CD and Sonic 2 were developed in parallel I don't feel like they styles match well enough to make a Sonic 2 + Sonic CD fusion.
Development Que: 1st

Sonic 2: Coming Soon
About: This pack will contain assets exclusively from sonic 2.
Dev Que: 2nd

Sonic 3 + S&K: Eventually
About: Sonic 3 With Sonic And Knuckles combined should easily cover the entire minecraft game without having to implement too many custom textures. If you want to know why I'm not doing stand-alone versions read  the possible future versions below.
Dev Que: 3rd

Sonic Universe: Later
About: This is going to be a "Best of" Texture pack containing my favorites from across the entire series. There is a chance that the various games art styles are too far apart to reconcile but I wont know until I try.
Dev Que: 4th

Possible Future Versions
Sonic CD:
Sonic CD has a lot of re-cycled tileized parts that are simply recolored between levels and utilizes a lot more simple patterns to make its levels even more so than sonic 1 in some cases. This means that a Sonic CD minecraft world would be rather boring in my opinion with the same textures reused in different colors very often. Combine that with the lower public familiarity with the game in general means that it would be a underwhelming and under-appreciated pack so I wont be doing one unless I finish the ones listed above and it gets more requests than the ones below
Dev Que: Last

Sonic 3:
Sonic 3 textures are complex, and don't lend well to minecraft naturally so its going to be a lot of work, This work is made easier when you have a large library of textures to choose from like when you combine 3 and knuckles. Sonic 3 alone only has the 6 main levels and 2 of those 6 levels don't really exist in minecraft (Carnival Night and Launch Base) I think it would be difficult to do a stand alone version.
Dev Que: 6th

Sonic & Knuckles:
About: As far as I know no one ever really played this game without Sonic 3 due to its lack of save function, and also sonic 3 added content to S&K as certain zones were only available though the combination of the 2. But it would be easiest out of these future versions to do a stand alone of S&K so I probably will.... You know... Eventually.
Dev Que 5th
Ill have a nearly complete update sometime later today.
Could you post screenshots of each pack, please?
Sure, I got stalled making my update with some server stuff... Ill get on that as soon as I get some time. (In the next couple days hopefully)

PS: Only the Sonic 1 pack has enough textures to make any kind of screenshot and its still Wip I need some more rips from sonic 2 to even start, but I cant request textures yet so.... Anyway asap.
Um... Okay it may be broken, if you unzip the pack it should work... ill try to figure out why the zipped version isnt and fix it.
I installed S1, and it didn't work. Other texture packs are working just fine for me.
Your texture pack is full of hope that it will make the next pc update feel way past cool (pun entirely intended)