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Full Version: Hello there!
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Well hi! So I've been registered here for 5 years and 3 days and I've barely been around the forum here. All of my post were in my submissions topics. Coincidentally, I just came back here three days ago. There must be something about this time of year that brings me around here. Tongue
It is highly likely I won't know you, and you won't remember me from before although making a few posts. So don't sweat it!

Despite my forum age, I almost feel like a new guy here. I guess that is because I've never stuck around here long. I usually just grab what I need from the resources site and leave.

I like to do game designing via modding (cause I can't make my own game. Tongue), and have been doing this for as long as I can remember.
My favourite VG franchises are Mario and Sonic, and although not a franchise,  as of the last two months (right around when it was released) I've really been liking Freedom Planet.
well, regardless of your previous activity, welcome to the forums! your name looks kind of familiar to me... i probably just happened to see you around on here before.
Welcome anyway! We'd love to have you around more. Smile