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Full Version: Gonna be absent for a while
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Starting this Saturday (about Friday for those in the US) we'll be packing stuff to move into our new house. It's gonna take at least 2 weeks, but it could be a bit longer. I won't have an internet connection (except for maybe a couple of times every now and again) so I'll be absent during that time.

Uh yeah, that's pretty much all, just a heads up. Don't miss me too much Wink
Take care! I hope you're new house suits you well!
Good luck!
Good luck with the move!
uh-oh looks like I'll have to take over submissions again

Byebye have fun~
Goodbye for now! Hope you enjoy your new home!
Hope you enjoy the new place, man.
Good luck, dude!

Hope everything goes smoothly. Smile
Quote:Don't miss me too much Wink
I've decided I'm going to miss you.
Hey, I'm finally back! Some of you may have noticed me sticking my head into a couple of threads every now and again, but now I'm in the house and just got an internet connection today. We still need to buy some furniture and stuff before we're 100% settled, but the majority of moving work is done so it's real nice to have it behind us and actually be in a stable situation Smile

So yeah, I'm glad to be back! Now to get used to this new layout...

EDIT: Also just noticed this is my 3,333rd post Tongue
Welcome back, Puggsy!
Heart Welcome home.
[Image: squee.gif]
Welcome back! Smile
Welcome back Puggsoy!
Nice to see you hear eh?
Man it's been a while.
Glad you're back, pal!