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Full Version: EPSX and 3D Ripper DX
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Ok so I know you can't directly rip the models, but I have got flat models that still have all the edges just not in the right "3d" format I have blender and milkshape 3d; however the models don't seem to want to resize in the axis that is flat (even if I rotate them) basically I need help finding a way to resize that axis. I can extrude it in edit mode, in blender, but that is not very helpful.
You have to scale by X, Y, or Z axis. The way you do this is that you highlight the model (may want to join together all of the parts of the model you want), hit the "S" key, but before moving the mouse and after hitting "S", hit the "X", "Y" or "Z" key.
How much would I have to scale the "flat" axis to see a result?
I don't know. Keep scaling the axes until it starts to look right.