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I've been thinking about making a mini-game about TSR with these NES limitations in mind, but I haven't figured out what the game can be about.
The ideas I currently have are detective, hide-and-seek, or maybe a sort of 2D rail shooter that Gunstar Heroes had in Green's stage. For anyone who doesn't know what I'm jabbering about, here's an example.

[Image: GunstarHeroes-SmashTrain.gif]

Of course, this project will be more of a relaxed project since it'll just be something I'll make in my spare time. I actually don't mind if you make any sprites of yourself and post it here! That's actually welcomed as well! Just keep in mind that it's going to have to be in NES limitations, (3 colors + transparency for each 8x8 tile, the palette, etc.) so I recommend that you search up about that.

C+C is welcomed! Any ideas of what the game can be about would be cool too!
I think a crono trigger bike ride would be cool.
But instead of bike ya uses your feet.
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Maybe an arena game, like Mario Bros. or Balloon Fight. Like, maybe the enemies are guarded from the front, and you have to punch them from behind to knock them into water, or something.
sengi's face reads as just
garbled pixels

might need to make the mouth solid white and maybe push the eyes upwards or outwards