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Full Version: Super Mario MEGA Tileset [RELEASED]
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This is my grand graphics project, and it's Mega!
It includes tiles, power-ups, blocks, exits, platforms, [strike]and I better stop listing or else it won't fit in the topic[/strike] and even more!

[Image: Palette.png]

Right click and "Save As..." in each one, or download them directly!

**100% Custom** **97% from every Mario game**

Give credit if used.

It's always preferable recolor the graphics to reduce clones in fangames.
You can use the recolor suggestions scattered through the files.
If you think its palette is a freaking heck, use your own!

and obviously NINTENDO
Thanks to all who support and/or like this tileset!

why wont ya try making the enemies such as gomba,koppa troopa,rei koppa(bowser),bullet bill and others.
to at least make anything.?
well by anything i mean.
people usualy use enemy sprites more than tilesets.
your gummy ber mario is really good.
You're still shopping this "custom" tileset around? I remember when you first posted this on another forum and... unfortunately, nothing seems to have changed at all. Once again, the vast majority of your tiles are nothing more than bad recolours of this tileset made by DragezeeY. What little you did change is insignificant because you continue to blatantly steal from others and not bother trying to do anything on your own.
I'd like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but the way your sheets are arranged, they're a little too similar to DragezeeY's, which does make it seem a bit suspicious.
...I must be blind or something.

I don't see any similarities between the two, other than being arranged similarly.
(08-29-2014, 07:17 PM)MrYoshbert Wrote: [ -> ]...I must be blind or something.

I don't see any similarities between the two, other than being arranged similarly.

The easiest place to see it is the ice ground tiles. Compare those with DeeY's regular ground tiles. It's also really glaring in the pipes and mushroom powerups too (that is, compared to the original pipe and mushroom powerups, of course).
I'm not seeing it either. Unless you show some examples that actually match, I'm gonna have to agree with Yoshbert: They have similar arrangement, but nothing looks like a recolor.

Extend "bad recolours" to "bad edits in general" and we have a winner.
Since more eyes may help...

I'm not seeing it. Even the pipes are shaded differently. I think they only have a superficial similarity.

The differences, and other factors (like them both being mario tilesets) pretty much say yeah, its reasonable to assume they just happen to kind of look alike.

Its far more likely that one sheet was used as a ref, than it having been stolen.

You're going to need proof. HARD proof, to prove other wise.
Regardless, this looks like the exact same sheet he shared two years ago. Something's not right here, and I don't appreciate it very much...

If you don't think it's stolen, that's fine with me, but it really is quite blatantly lifted from DeeY's tileset. Just because they're both Mario tilesets doesn't make it okay for them to look as similar as they do - I've seen quite a few Mario tilesets of varying sizes that look noticeably different from each other. Hell, DeeY's own previous tilesets look pretty different from his later ones.

C'mon guys, this isn't that hard to see. Just because he's not taking someone else's work and calling it his own doesn't mean he isn't using someone else's work as a poorly constructed base for his own.

Well, now that I look at it, this tileset really doesn't look like the other one at all...If anything, BMSantos might have just closely referenced it when he was making his tileset. And I do that a lot myself while learning, so no problem here.

I probably should have looked more into this before I posted my silly joke. Sorry, BMSantos if I offended you. Just gonna take that post down now.
Except this is noticably different. If he did use it as a base... he did enough editing he probably would have had less work making it from out right scratch. At that level of work... theres no way to prove one way or the other with just two images.

At best you can prove that he borrowed a tile layout. Which... is a non issue.

You mentioned an older incident. A link to that incident might help your case. It'd certainly clear a few things up.
You asked for proof, I gave you proof. Like I said earlier, if you don't want to believe it's theft, that's fine by me, but it really isn't that hard to see. Using something as a base doesn't justify the pixel equivalent of tracing at all, even if there are enough differences to make it labelled a derivative work at best. Pixel art's quite a different game from many other things, but if this were anything else, no one would excuse this kind of stuff. Food for thought.

The earlier incident happened quite some time ago on MFGG. For reasons I frankly don't have to share with anyone, that's all I'm gonna say. That not enough for you? Too bad, you're gonna have to play detective yourself if you want to know more - me? Ultimately I really don't care a whole lot, but DeeY was a close friend of mine and when this first cropped up... he was not happy about it.
I don't see any kind of problem here. Your evidence is quite unconvincing.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=4664]

Starting with the ground: look at the grass portion, firstly. You'll notice a big difference (frankly, DeeY's sprite is much smoother). He would've had to remove a decent amount of detail if this were simply an edit. It's missing the dots in the ground and has extra stripes, too.

The mushrooms: again, big difference. They're shaped differently. They're not even the same colors. How many ways is it possible to sprite a mushroom, anyway?

The pipe: the lines are different, the colors are different, the shading is different. What's similar? The fact that a two-tile-wide pipe is 32 pixels wide? By that logic, every other custom pipe is also stolen.

The powerups: his is missing one of DeeY's, and DeeY is missing three of his. Plus, his all appear to have been sprited by himself. There's really no similarities other than those you'll find in everyone else who has ever attempted to sprite those powerups.

The mushroom platforms: Are they similar? Yeah. Are they identical? Well, let's look (DeeY's on the bottom):

[Image: f56f40483f.png]

No. They're not colored the same, they're not structured the same, they're just similar. His sheet is also missing one of DeeY's colors.
Yeah, I'm.... really not seeing it, man.
I can see how they're similar, but that's because all Mario games look the same.

You said to compare the ice tiles to the ground tiles, for example. Okay, well there are 9 tiles in the same arrangement, but.... well I mean the similarities kind of stop there. There are waves on the tiles but they're arranged in a completely different fashion and don't look like each other to begin with, the curves on the grass are different shapes, the shading is different, etc.

Literally the only thing that is the same between them is the fact that they're representing the same things. Okay, some of the stuff is arranged in the same order. That doesn't mean it's stolen.
I just looked at the lineart and the shading on the stuff you specifically posted yourself above and it's all different.

Theft accusations are taken pretty seriously here so if you're gonna do one then that's fine but the evidence you've provided doesn't fit. Whether you care or not is irrelevant because it's not up to us to "play detective" when you're the one making the accusations to begin with. If you believe there's so much irrefutable proof and it "isn't hard to see" as you say then you should have no problem showing us. If you're right I'll gladly take this down but unless you can produce something that's actually stolen then I'd advise you to drop the subject.

(08-29-2014, 06:01 PM)Mystie Wrote: [ -> ]More like "Super Mario MEGA Tiletheft"
Please don't make comments like this, particularly without proof. Thanks.
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