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Full Version: completed b.s.l spacship
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hello this is my custom edit of the b.s.l spaceship of metroid fusion a good chunk of the ship is not visible in the game so i made the missing half based on a partial image from in game. the origanal sprite was ripped by psychtaygar edits by me.


as well you will notice i dident include thrusters on the back because in my mind it flys the same way samus's ship does with those an anti gravity things. except i think those are housed in those weird constructs on the sides of the main section and the bottom of the bridge. the part i drew the back i think is just a detachable cargo hold add on being towed by the rest.

you may have notaced i put 2 in the image one has 2 fins on the connecter and the other only 1. thats because that part of the ship is never visible so either way could be correct. i would really appeciate some input on which way looks better as well as what you think about this.