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Time to remake this thread, better than it was originally!
And hopefully get tons of C+C ripping it apart so I can polish into a really well made and balanced game.

RM Type is my megaman fan Shoot em up.

Yep, I'm re-imagining the classic megaman series as a Shmup.
Sort of like how Battle Network was classic megaman reimagined as a cyberpunk RPG thing.

A few videos

(may have a few glitches shown it in ^)


Half baked Story:

The year is large enough that they start using letters for the numbers to make it easy to write.
Mankind has colonized space and it has been 2 decades since the CRO-RQ Rebellion, where the fully automated military supercomputer packed up and left, taking all the military ships with it, none to ever be seen again.

With a galactic ban on having autonomous AI control the vast armada of mindless drone robots, a new solution to controlling them was developed. The RM-Type.
Able to be piloted by a human being with advanced software that learns the pilots behavior allowing one to control vast numbers of automated ships as if you could devote all ones attention to that single ship, and still not be distracted in your piloting of your own ship. The pilot imprint of each individual RM-Type led to them becoming highly personalized, and a tradition of a pilot taking on his or her ship's name as a call sign was born.

The two decade long peace wasn't to last much longer, as a new, large scale rebellion was beginning. And with no military to stop them... it may be up to the members of small maintenance and ship development corporation and whomever they can convince to join them to stop it...

=Current FEATURES=
-4 Playable ships (two unlockable)-
-4 Complete(ish) Stages (and a lame tutorial level)-
-Some sound effects!-
-Customizable controls!-
-Multiple weapons-

=Upcoming Features=
-A shop!
-A pilot database
-Customizable weapon loadouts
-Better written dialog/plot. Or at least cheesy enough to be fun plot and dialog
-More/better sound effects
-Music... I hope. I'll either have to find someone (sort of hoping if I make a good enough and complete enough base game someone will volunteer... if not, well I guess I'll have to learn how to remix/write music)

I mean this in all honesty. Try not to treat this too much as "oh its a WIP". It may be, but the sooner I can iron out any not fun areas, the better. So feel free to take of any kid gloves (like TSR uses those) and put on the adamant diamond incrusted ones. If you'd like that is.
A new version!
A few people in another forum were having issues downloading the previous versions so I'm now providing two different methods of running the program.

And in case for some reason your comp dislikes single EXE versions...
Version Installer edition

-New Features:
--Bomb man's stage is completable now!
---The bosses are subject to having their attack patterns changed... Right now Bomb man's is well... boring and dull. And the large bomb boss is... Harmless! I'm still not sure how I should make it attack.
---With that said... the large bosses two methods of defeat are fully functional, the second, longer one will unlock Bomb man for play... technically at least. Bomb is selectable, just not... playable. He shows up and plays as a megaman in levels.
---Hyper bomb on the other hand IS functional.

--Changed up the Ship Select some. Looks nicer now I'd think.
What program you use to design this? Watched some of the vids; seem to have a good idea on hand!
(09-10-2014, 05:49 PM)cuedaninja Wrote: [ -> ]What program you use to design this?  Watched some of the vids; seem to have a good idea on hand!

Thanks. I'm using Game maker studio for this.
Tried using C++ originally... but I sucked at optimizing, and thus it ran stupidly slow.

New Version!

(Install method for

New features:
-Light's lab in the stage select now leads to a hub menu
--Graphically it's a WIP... but it functions.
--Hangar leads to the ship select
--Armory is new!
---Equip master weapons in what ever slot you please.
---You can even equip the same ones in multiple slots so you can use even more!

-Changes to the boss at the end of Bomb man's stage.
--Several weakpoints have a lot less health.
--The boss itself can now attack... and attack it does.

-Several bugfixes.
What library(ies) were you using when you tried it in C++?