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Full Version: App Allstars Melee [fan game]
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Hi! I might be new here, but don't leave quite yet. I had this idea where your favorite app and pc characters duke it out in an allstar brawler.

This is App Allstars Melee.

Characters such as Om Nom from Cut The Rope, Red from Angry Birds, Sunflower from Plants Vs. Zombies, and Steve from Minecraft will appear in the game. Along with other characters like the Heavy from Team Fortress 2 and Tiffi from Candy Crush Saga.

However, this game can't be done with only one person, which is me. I've gotten a few friends to help, but I felt like the project wasn't getting enough attention on deviantart. But today, I remembered that VG Resource had forums, and since there was a category for independent developed games, I made an account, and posted this. I just hope we can hire some help here.

If you have any questions or offers to help the project, post them in the comments below. I will try as fast as possible to answer/reply to them

Also there's a group on DeviantArt, you should check it out:
I'm so sorry to say this, but you're going about this as wrongly as humanly possible. If there's one thing I've learned from the many big fangame projects I've seen in the past, it's that ambition = failure. The more ambitious you are, the more destined you are to ultimately give up and cancel your project. Having next to nothing except some basic drawings on your dA and "great ideas" only increases the odds of you dropping it.

My best advice to you is to shelf this for now and work on some smaller scale projects to get yourself acquainted with game development. If this seems tedious to you, you're in no position to lead a huge project.
Don't request for help without the proper requirements (20 good-quality posts and a minimum of 1 month on the board), or unless you're willing to offer payment for development services!

And basically everything Rystar said above me.