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Full Version: Submission of content without reputation
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I wanted to ask this question about the requirements in-order to submit a file for their resource sites here on the Video Game resource when logged in if they don't have positive reputations. Are you sure no-one is required to have one positive reputation before they can submit anything to those 4 resource sites?
I'm not sure where you're getting your information but reputation has absolutely no bearing on the submission system.
Reputation points have no bearing on submissions. You can submit anything regardless of rep. I joined this site with zero rep, and I didn't even get my first rep point until a few months later, but I was still able to submit rips.

Rep is only there for people to voice their opinions on you, compliment you, give you criticism, etc.

EDIT: Damn it, Petie beat me to it.
He might be asking because it's listed on the front page when you're logged in.
It is, but only because it's a number people seem to care about so we decided to provide easy access to it.