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Full Version: Sage's/Forte's Sprites and things
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Will update soon.

Gonna start back streaming.

Streams are on Mondays and Wednesday starting around 5:15 Central Time.

Mondays will be full on drawing practice for large stuff like portraits and fighting game sprites, and Wednesdays will be smaller sprites and effects.
Oh hey Sage.
Why do the sprites just lose the black outline at the head like that? I feel like the sprite should either completely have a black outline, or not have one at all, for consistencie's sake.

Also, the colors. The shades seem really bland, because they look monochromatic. Try some hue-shifted shading. In case you don't know what that means, it's basically gradually shifting towards another color, or hue, as you make the shades. For example, Yellow. Instead of just going from yellow, to a darker yellow, to a darker yellow, it'd look better if you went from yellow to orange, and from orange to red or brown.
@RealHero, Hi. Nice to see you here.

@Koh, Thanks for your suggestions. I'm familiar with the technique. I actually do it, but I should make it more noticeable.

[Image: Assist5_zps4c01a424.png]

I listened to your suggestions and tried it out on this sprite. I think that it looks better. Thoughts?
There are a lot of readability issues on the faces. The outlines are also inconsistent and make it look sloppy. They also look a bit sloppy, but that may be in part because of the other 2 problems.
I see what you mean. The faces are probably hard to read because of the way they are shaded, so maybe reducing the shades will help? As for the outlines, I assume you mean the black outlines? I was trying to keep the sprites to at least 15 colors. I planned on giving them color outlines and removing the black altogether.
I say keep the outline color consistent. Give him a neck and fix the face shading.
[Image: uRWRqSg.png]
^Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried them out on the sprite:

[Image: Assist5_zpscdddb292.png]

I missed one thing, but I think everything else looks good.
[Image: Jsprite51_zps1a32ba3b.png] [Image: Assist_zpscf6b554b.png]
Something that I made a little while back but never finished. The sprites on the right are unfinished ones, and the one on the left is the completed sprite in the magenta background on the right. I like how it came out.
[Image: Jsprite51_zps66801bca.png]
Final Verdict?
[Image: Jsprite11_zps1d427255.png]
The amount of free time that I have is amazing.
The purple chick looks really weird. One leg is thinner than the other, the lines on her shoulders make it look like her arms are detachable, her right shoulder is atrophied.

Here is a pretty close example of a women in a similar pose.

[Image: women-street-smarts.jpg]

Use this as a guide for anatomy studies. All your sprites have a lacking in understanding of the human form.
^I see what you mean. I have a book that can help me on that subject. Gonna read it more.
[Image: AyamiIdle_zps0e088a69.gif]
I need help with the legs. I like the arms came out though.
^I figured out how to do the legs, but I'm gonna work on that later.

[Image: Jsprite081_zps6f1607e7.png]

I need an idea on a gentle looking body language for the arms.
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