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Full Version: Returning User!
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Hey. Smile
My name is SupahCow090 but call me anything you like. Been here for a while but haven't posted yet and haven't made an introduction as well. I was a member here before. 2 years ago I think? My username here before was EvilRaccoon9. I hope you don't remember me before though 'cause I was irritating as crap. Whenever I look at my past posts, I cringe and I want to punch myself so bad. Also, I sucked at spriting and I still do. Here to learn though! Some stuff I like are Pokemon, Harvest Moon, Homestuck, writing and of course, cows.

So um, see you in the forums! Hope we all get along! wow i suck at this wow
Hi Anything You Like, welcome (back) to the Resource! Even though I don't know you it's always good to see returning members Smile

Hope you enjoy your stay! Genki ^_^
Heh, we have two cows on here now. psychospacecow, and now SupahCow090.

Anyway, welcome!
hello hi hello
(07-15-2014, 07:21 AM)SupahCow090 Wrote: [ -> ]I was irritating as crap.

wow dude wow im so irritated right now wow
Oh yeah, I totally remember you! It's always nice to strive to be better.

Welcome back! Smile
Yay, another cow!
Haha, seems I'm not the only one whose first thought was "two cows!"

Welcome (back) all the same though! I'd usually offer to merge your old account at this point but as you seem to want to distance yourself from it, I'll leave it at that.
Hello and welcome (back) to tVGR! I wasn't around 2 years ago so I wouldn't remember anything about you; you're pretty much a new member to me.

The people here are really good at spriting, so I'm sure they'll be able to teach you how to be great at it. It just takes a some practice!

I remember you

Welcome back, have fun being back bud
Thanks for the positive welcome guys! Oh and also sorry for the late reply 'cause there was typhoon and our water and electricity supply was down for 7 days. Thanks again! Smile