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Full Version: COMPETITION: All American Hero (Entries)
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[Image: r6zOhyU.png]

End Date: July 31st, 11:59pm GMT

Please post your finalized entries in this thread. You are allowed to edit your post to update your entry up to the end date.

To see the rules and prizes of this competition, click here.
Sorry man, that's not an acceptable entry.

This is a spriting competition, not just a "tell us who's best" sort of thing.
You have to make art! :p
Wow that's some pretty impressive sprite work, looks almost 3D!
oh. sorry about that.
This is, the American way!

[Image: KzPDNMH.png]
I tried.

[Image: americapixel_by_quirbstheepic-d7rfbhw.png]

(It isn't exactly bad maybe I dunno)
(07-19-2014, 09:59 PM)Quirby64 Wrote: [ -> ]I tried.

[Image: americapixel_by_quirbstheepic-d7rfbhw.png]

(It isn't exactly bad maybe I dunno)
Where's the "All American Hero"? Tongue
[Image: nelFbOX.png]
Can you out-America this!?
You are America and So Can I!

Nothing can really top Colbert Blank
Isn't he like the president or something?
[Image: p7eSiI9.png]
It's a straight up Colbert Nation in here!
[Image: ibeM3W2KAYGCTR.png]
Took me the whole month to make this. The only choice really.
I've barely had any time free to sprite this month, so my entry probably isn't getting finished unless i can find some time tonight

[Image: america%20contest.png]

Its supposed to be Mount Rushmore with everyone's favorite B-list action heros on it

From left to right: Jackson, Willis, Seagal, and Cage

whats more American than over the top poorly acted action movies

anyway, this compo was a cool idea, i hope that monthly compos are a thing again, i really enjoy them when i have the time
Competition is now officially closed! Winners will be announced after the weekend!
1st: Phantom Killah
2nd: NICKtendo DS
3rd: Virtuaboy123

Honorable Mention goes to Omega, for doing a good job on something not Colbert!

Your badges will be added to your accounts soon. Games will be dished out at the end of the week in the form of Humble Store links.
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