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Full Version: Masquerainite (Pixels)
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New pixel thread, yay.

Not gonna repost anything from the last one cause lazy. But here's some stuff:

[Image: QuEK8Y5.gif]

Commission for a friend, part 1/2. Henry from Fire Emblem Awakening and a dragon based on him I'm pretty happy with this even if the crackle effect on the dragon is really busy (it kind of is on the original tbh)

[Image: 7E0fLIV.png]

this isn't much of a pixel yet at all, but these are the very beginning of some fighting game idles. Thoughts would be appreciated!
[Image: zx03wKi.png]

WIP for commission part 2/2, Olivia and her corresponding dragon. This one's a lot messier because a lot of the lines are going to later turn into just shading, but critique is def appreciated
the dragon's tail doesn't curve in a smooth fashion, you may want to check that. Tails are an extension of the column, so it would make sense if the neck/column/tail was roughly the same curve. Also pay attention to its wing, which has a straight line.

When making organic stuff, pay attention to the presence of the straight lines. They stick out like a sore thumb if used badly.
yeah, you're right about the tail, I'll see what I can do with that

question about the straight line though, are you talking about the far right side of the right wing? if so I'll have to expand the canvas a bit but it's definitely fixable
yes, I am; though can't you just move the entire piece to the left? There's some space there taht would be more than enough to give some curve to the wing
Yeah, I did have some space! Fixed up what Gors pointed out as well as some critique on the commissioner's end, and started shading

[Image: hijk4uv.png]
wow, that's some Mother 3 shading there bucko

Really nice job!
[Image: D04YvY4.png]


[Image: LX0tN1o.gif]

Some fakemon. The first stages and the oni are recent but oldish but the rest are new.
[Image: pVutdX4.png]

I guess people really liked my dragon+human pixels cause i got another commission for one
workin slowly on it

[Image: 4KBx7Km.gif]

my region's "normal derp," capoeira capybaras