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Full Version: [Game Maker 8 Pro]Comprehensive Gameboy Zelda Engine
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Just digging this up to post the final update. Since this is no longer being worked on, in favor of working on my original projects, in addition to still receiving messages about it, I'm releasing the last, and most up-to-date version of the source code.

The code is well documented such that anyone could peruse through, and understand what each block or line of code does. Many features were not fully implemented, such as the platforming area (ladders weren't implemented), however this engine could still serve as a starting point for many. The code presented here is by no means the only or best way to handle things. In fact, handling the graphics could have been done better, through the use of importing, such that when graphics need to be updated, all that would need to happen is the updating of the graphics files themselves.

Nonetheless, I present to you all the final batch of screenshots, and the final download package. Good luck to any seeking to create a Zelda Fan Game!

Old Video

Final Screenshots
[Image: CGBZE-0_zpsb49ce607.png] [Image: CGBZE-4_zps5eb67eba.png] [Image: CGBZE-2_zps88f864dc.png] [Image: CGBZE-1_zpsf991fafb.png] [Image: CGBZE-3_zps8540df87.png] [Image: CGBZE-5_zpsb898e311.png]

Final Download Package
Comprehensive Game Boy Zelda Engine: Final Source Package
Looks like a nice engine, I must say.
downloaded because it looks awesome
Looks really cool. I've been looking for a Zelda engine actually.
Figures since I use GMUnsuretudio, meaning I would have to know basic coding to port the engine to work with studio flawlessly. But then again I don't know coding enough to the point where I couldn't use the engine even if I had a GMUnsuretudio version...Making my entire post mean nothing. Overall verdict, neat/10. Wish I had the smarts to use.
I'm guessing from the above post that this is programmed in GM8 or 8.1. Which is it?
GM 8.1 actually, I don't know if there's a huge difference between 8.0 and 8.1, but it was definitely done in 8.1.
This looks so cool Big Grin!
I remember someone on The Daily Click did this, but it was in MMF2.
Cool, currently using/learning Game Maker myself atm.