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Full Version: TSR's Custom Sprite Gallery...again
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Yeah, after noticing the mass reorganization of things, I decided to make some things and start this thread back up again. I'll be posting new things as I make them. Many of these things will be used in my projects, but you're free to use them so long as you give credit.

So, to start off, here's a slightly redone version of the monitor sprite I made a few months back:
[Image: JRoDd8B.png]
Is this one of the item boxes from the Sonic series?

In any case, it looks kind of flat, especially around the base. The screen seems too thin, and the surface doesn't look very monitor-like. The shading on the base in particular, doesn't make much sense.
It'd be nice if the transparent color wasn't so close to the colors on the monitor itself, or if the monitor had an outline; I couldn't tell what I was looking at at first. But otherwise, I agree with Iocus.
(07-07-2014, 08:02 AM)Iocus Wrote: [ -> ]Is this one of the item boxes from the Sonic series?

Why yes, yes it is.

Anyway, redone version, which (I hope) actually looks like a monitor in a Sonic game would:
[Image: nmI698R.png]

Additionally, an attempt at making a decent-looking Chaos Emerald sprite. I feel I could improve upon it a lot, but I'm not sure how.
[Image: SnqiyCI.png]
The actual monitor screen looks like it's floating in front of the box. To make it look like it's embedded in the box like in the actual games, put some shadows above and to the sides of the screen and a highlight below it. Also, the stand holding up the box is kind of thin.

For the chaos emerald, instead of going from red to black with the shading, go from white to red to dark red.
[Image: WyaJ1y0.png]

Red Chaos Emerald:
[Image: P0rQaEq.png]
So I was looking at the Mod.Gen Classic Super Sonic preview sprite, and I thought, "Hey, why have I not tried to make this set of sprites yet?" The results? The three sprites you see below. Mainly just a palette test to see how well my color selection is, though it doubles as a way to see if I can try making good-looking sprites.

So here, have sum Super Sonic stuffz:
[Image: z8tqMtF.png][Image: OLUqbL0.png][Image: YO6ORyv.png]

I might actually try to make a full-on set for Classic Super Sonic if enough people want me to.
Do this!