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Full Version: Super Charisma Bros. 7
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Since the previous thread was archived in the big July 2014 archive of big and wonderful archiving, I'm gonna make a new and not really improved thread for my little joke game that could, Super Charisma Bros. 7.

For the uninformed, here's a copy and pasted FAQ I whipped up in the last thread, along with some new and actually improved this time questions as well as their respective answers. Wow, isn't that exciting?!

What is a joke game?
Now, this is probably self explanatory. Matter of fact, I'm not sure why I'm doing this question, but just to clarify: no, a joke game isn't a "trick game" or a "trolling game" or anything like that. A joke game is a game that isn't put together too seriously. It's made with the intent of making people laugh at the wacky jokes, surreal design, or the hilariously bizarre (and often intentionally poorly programmed) gameplay.

What's Super Charisma Bros.?
Ah, good question! Super Charisma Bros. is my own little series of joke games that I've been making on and off since very late 2012 / very early 2013. It's been quite a while since the last one (and a lot has changed since then too), but very recently I've been working on yet another wacky adventure that no one actually wants! Big Grin

Okay, but the 7 thing - that's like, a sequel joke, right?
You would think! Like I said, I've already made a few SCB games, and this happens to be the seventh entry in the series!

Why should I care about this?
If you like to have a good laugh, probably? I dunno, you got me!

Okay, I know about the Super Charisma Bros. games and what not, so that's why I'm asking this question... didn't the people who inspired you to make these games (and help with the odd sprite and soundtrack, as well as appear in the games) stop talking to you for whatever reason?
Unfortunately, yes. What about it?

...are they cool with appearing in this?
They're not appearing at all, for you see: Super Charisma Bros. 7 sports an entirely new cast of characters! That is, save for Dudim, the series mainstay and a weird mishmash of an author avatar and author... pet or... uh, something.

Where can I play the previous games in the series?
Since it probably won't take too much time out of your day, I urge you to go check 'em out in this big all-in-one-wacky-charismatic-fun-pack that I souped up just now! Hooray, truly everyone wins!

Sooo... back to SCB7, what have you got of it so far?
Here's a snap of the title screen, and here's an in-game screenshot. Finally, here's a demo of the first two levels! ^^

It seems like SCB7 is almost a step back after playing 5 and 6. What happened there?
To be honest with you, I was decidedly not too keen on adding that much polish to these really simple, goofy games; if it weren't for the pressure of certain people fighting for a more refined / 'indie' experience, 5 and especially 6 wouldn't have been so "clean". SCB7 is going to go back to the series' roots, in that sense.

One last thing, didn't you die or something?

but i was alvive all the time......... </3

WELL then, that should be everything. Any comments? Feedback? Enjoyment? Wink
So somebody asked me earlier, "Hey, are you still working on that Super Charisma 7 whatever thing?" and guess what? I sure am! Big Grin

[Image: N77CO1y.png]

Truly the pinnacle of artistic expression.
Can't wait ;D
Absolutely smashing news! It seems Super Charisma Bros. 7 has topped the Billboard 100, immediately after it entered it as well! The band MAGIC! even gracefully stepped down from the number 1 position for this to take place (they're the band on the right of the little blip about this happening... I think). Either way, wow! Talk about lucky, eh? Tongue
im afraid not

[Image: amMCo.jpg]