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Full Version: Super Rockman 2
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Just a little remake I started back in March-ish. When I began the engine, I kind of forgot why I was doing it, so I put it aside for a good while until recently. That is, when I remembered it existed!

What is this? Well, think Rockman 7 FC except inverted: Rockman 2 SFC. Wow, talk about an original idea! Actually, I was inspired by a ytmnd I saw a very long time ago, and I even used the building sprites from that, albeit tweaked a bit.

Download "Very Unfinished Engine Test Thing" here! The only stage you can select is Air Man's, which takes you to said engine test. All menus and other screens prior to this are pretty much finished, but there's always something I might just change at a later date XD

All music rearranged by me.