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Full Version: Kazumi's submissions!
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Here's my submission thread! Currently I only have 3 things to show and they're all for Kirby Squeak Squad. Ones a level, backgrounds for the world maps, and BGs for world 8. I'm pretty shocked the latter two haven't been put up on the site yet. (if they are already in some form or if I've done something wrong I apologize)

[Image: oEq0TGE.png] [Image: C2RjdqX.png][Image: GCUaNoO.png]

Edit: And it appears I've posted this in the wrong subforum. Could a mod move this please?
Hey Kazumi, I already uploaded the World 8 Backgrounds yesterday and updated your World Map Backgrounds sheet here. I noticed that you don't have a credit tag on the current sheets you uploaded, so I wasn't sure what you wanted for credit on it.

Sorry for the conflicting ripping! I am basically done with Squeak Squad for now if you are going to continue ripping from the game. Smile

Excellent job on the rips! If you're planning on ripping from Kirby Squeak Squad, I highly recommend trying out Tinke. It makes it extremely easy to rip from the game, since you have all of the files that you need easily accessible.

Tinke download
Thanks! Right after I made this topic I realized one of the sheets I put on was already uploaded by you. It felt kind of embarrassing.