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Full Version: Happy Québec National Day to all my fellow Quebecers of this board
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I'm certainly not the only one there who live in Québec, so I'm wishing my fellow citizen of this board a happy Québec National Day, also known as Saint-Jean Baptiste !
Hope you didn't drink too much yesterday !

Je suis certainement pas la seule du Québec icitte donc je viens souhaiter une bonne Fête Nationale, ou autrement dit une bonne St-Jean Baptiste !
J'espère que vou avez pas trop bu hier !
(I have trouble with img tags when post with my smartphone)
pour le coup moi je suis parisien, mais je souhaite a tous une bonne saint jean-baptiste néanmoins !

(im actually parisian, but i wish a happy saint john-baptist day to all nonetheless)
fellow Canadian reporting in. Though, I'm from Newfoundland, not Quebec. Happy Whatever That Is Though!
Québec deve ser um ótimo lugar para se visitar! Feliz dia para você, de Brasil Smile
Do you celebrate Canada day in Quebec?