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Hello, I'm Exotique (ใˆxใŠใกใ‘). I've always liked to rip away sprites from games, so that's why I'm here. I'm not the very best at English, but I think it's at least understandable, I'm so sorry. Sweatdrop
Well I hope you guys can befriend me, I'd be happy!
So that's it! Also I'm sorry that I can't write a proper introduction, I'm just not into it.
Welcome to the Resource, Exotique! That's a very exotic way of spelling exotic Tongue

New rippers are always good to have, hope to see some of your rips up on the site soon! And no worries, long intros aren't necessary Wink
Thank you puggsoy! I actually have already done some ripping for the site, for the game LiEat (a little RPG-esque game).
Welcome to the site! Your rips are great so far! Nice stuff!

Hope you enjoy your time here Smile