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Full Version: Sol (Player)
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The sheet is a bit more complete than I remember, but it is still missing a few bits, namely a Spritality and Gognio. Some of the frames could be animated a little better as well, such as the jump kick.

[Image: qYmmh2Z.png]
[Image: solpt_pj.png]
That is awesome.
I love that design, but at the moment his portrait seems smaller than the rest by a slim margin. Any chance it could be made taller? That could compensate for it a bit.

I'll be posting an update build in a little bit with it as it is and you'll see what I mean.
[Image: Z1LDjeT.png]
[Image: seB3YUH.png]
Should fix the issue.
I love this so much.
[Image: 19A0l0e.png]
(There's no "2" in the tall white sprite font)

[Image: 1l7nBCr.png]

[Image: 5iID60h.png]
Now that that's done, I've been considering updating Sol's moves recently as so far he's felt really stiff for lack of a better word.

I was thinking about adding the brush to more of his standard attacks. Is anyone opposed to that?
[Image: GLysJJi.gif]
Nice! I think Gors was developing some new sprites for a special move as well.