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Full Version: Spriters Unite!!
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HOWDY people im new to the community and I want to meet all kinds and animators and artist. I want to get to know as many prettier add possible and work on projects together. All are welcome and blah bkah blah. I make videos out ofthe sprites and let's just see what it goes from here.
Is this some kind of request thread?

Are you asking people to make sprites for a video series?
No, it's it wasnt a request I just said what I d,o I wasnt asking for anything. Why? Cuz that's what I'M doing, do you want in?
No, I was wondering what the point of making this thread was.
You already made an introduction topic and this one is basically the same thing except in the wrong area and you referred to making a video series which you didn't actually post about.

In other words, why is this thread here?
Idk, I meant to delete the other one but forgot about it, Sorry about that.
The series is a work in progress, I'm making a couple In advance before releasing. You know?
Plus it's just me so it takes pretty long to do.

I'll get rid of the other thread
Must be really difficult making machinima videos from a smartphone ):
I don't use my smartphone.