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Full Version: I need help with ripping from MAME ROMs
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I am trying to rip sprites from one of Konami's arcade games "Vendetta", but I can't find any program that can get image data from a rom. I have seen some people do it, someone even ripped sprites from Vendetta but I can't figure out how to do it.
When you have a game running, press F4 and it should bring up a palette. From there, press Enter to switch to the tile/sprite viewer (up/down scrolls through the sprites/tiles, left/right changes the palette), and use the [ and ] keys to shift between the different graphic banks. Bring the game window down to a small size and the sprites should be at the proper pixel-aspect ratio needed to sprite rip. Use Print Screen, paste into an image-editing program, and you should be good to go for assembling the sprites.