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Full Version: I'm not dead, just really busy
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I just post this here to tell that I'm still alive. That's simply because of the fact that camping season has begun and so, we spend our weekwnds in our camper trailer and right now we have to move our stuff to the new trailer we bought this week. With this and my job + the period of annual general assemblies (I'm in 3 associations: two as admin, one as simple member) and other appointments, I can hardly work 2-3 hours a week on my spriting, especially grabbing colors. I cannot bring my PC to our trailer for the simple reason that it's a desktop. And anyway, the wi-fi signal sucks there.

So don't worry for me, I haven't given up. And the situation might be like this until September when the camping site will close for winter.
so you are saying you are leaving?
No I'm not leaving, just saying that I'm less present than I'd have liked. I haven't turned on my PC since last Thursday. Right now, I'm replying with my smartphone.

[EDIT on nighttime] I just add something : I posted this because someone might think that I gave up in spriting (while I haven't - I posted new stuff a few minutes ago). Maybe it's just my dang anxiety that makes me think this, for we anxious people tend to overanticipate even pointless things that might happen, but there's always the "what if this happens ..." that bugs me to the point of feeling insecure.

Maybe I was worried for nothing in the first place.