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Full Version: Dig Dug Redug [ROM HACK]
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Hello! The name's DragonDePlatino and this is my first ROM Hack! Dig Dug Redug (working title?) was made over the course of 4 days using JNES, YY-CHR and a hex editor called "NES Palette Editor". My first foray into the world of ROM hacking, I wanted to start with something simple but still fun. I learned a lot along the way, and really feel I've come out as a more experienced artist. Comment and critique, please!

[Image: title_screen_by_dragondeplatino-d7ljl0u.png][Image: round_1_by_dragondeplatino-d7ljl14.png]
[Image: round_5_by_dragondeplatino-d7ljl0z.png][Image: round_9_by_dragondeplatino-d7ljl0x.png]
My high score (no savestates!) is 144790. Can you beat that? Big Grin

Some things to note...
  • The NES port of Dig Dug is infamous for it's sprite flickering. I cannot fix this.
  • It is highly suggested you use the included palette file "YY-CHR.pal".
  • Also included in the download is an older version I made before I figured out how to hex edit palettes.

Genki ^_^ Hurrah! After a few days of jumping through submission hoops, rejections and subsequently figuring out what the heck file hashes are, my first hack's finally made it's way onto! I've updated the download link with the newest version, which features more slightly-tweaked graphics and improved palettes which should work better in a larger variety of emulators.
i really like it, gj