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Full Version: Bolt & Splot (Assist)
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Before Bouncy Cat, I had these two characters. The first one I adopted as my avatar was Splot, followed by Bolt.

Short bios:

Splot is a gelatinous swordsman from Water Kingdom, destined to protect his nation and even his home planet, Bladia. He created the magical blade Custom Clash by accident. For some reason that blade talks, though the blade denies it.

Bolt, also known as BETA-OMEGA, is a robot created with special cells containing artificial DNA. He's from a line of prototypes that are supposed to supply an endless army of robots through reproduction. Bolt fell in love with one of the scientists however and they now have a daughter named Hanna Brass. Each BETA unit was outfitted with a special weapon. Bolt is able to create flames.
[Image: G9yER6x.gif][Image: vPRoqlO.gif][Image: fyxhZsi.gif][Image: SG47Y2b.gif]
[Image: mXpO0t3.png]

I don't really feel this needs its own topic, since it's unlikely I'll be working on this, but it is an assist.

The assist works as followed. Splot runs into the opponent to trap him/her in his gelatinous body, after which Bolt drops onto the stage and sets them on fire. Splot falls KO off-screen and Bolt runs away.

New sheet!
[Image: McgIDm7.png]
Redoing this, because the old art looks like shit:
[Image: AU4cGBp.gif] [Image: SZGUnC8.gif] [Image: bYiKVeD.gif] [Image: n8rNvgW.gif] [Image: ieeD1II.gif] [Image: tRNkgqi.gif] [Image: Ys4RQZB.gif] [Image: Gig5hr3.gif]

Aaaaaand done!
[Image: McgIDm7.png]

The walking animation is replaced by a Fire Punch finisher. Bolt dashes fist first off screen.
Aww, I thought the old art was cute. However, I love that fire punch.