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Full Version: We can't forget about Puggsoy's birthday, can we?
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Even though the character and game this user is named after is obscure, Puggsoy himself is know throughout this entire web site for being a helpful gentleman with plenty of good things to say!

With that said, it is a great honor for me to wish this guy the best birthday possible!
Happy birthday Puggsoy! Hope you have a good one.
I was starting to wonder why there wasn't already a thread for this.

Happy birthday Puggsoy!
Happy puggsoyday!

Hope it's fantastic! :>
hbd puggsoy!
happy birthday, puggins
I want my own Pug sometimes.

If he suddenly stops coming to TSR I didn't kidnap him though
Happy puggday!!
Thanks everyone! I had a great day yesterday (don't forget I'm in the future), nothing special but we made our own hamburgers that tasted great, and we're visiting my big bro so we just had a fun day. A friend also got me the latest Humble Bundle which was sweet Smile

Thanks again, you're all awesome!
Happy birthday Puggs
Happy Birthday, Puggy ol' chap!
hbd puggsoy have a good one
Happy birthday Puggsoy.
Happy Birthday! Make it a good one.