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This thread provides general information, visual references/resources, and tutorials for anyone who may need some.
Any changes to the project will also be adjusted here. Everything is relatively up to date.

I see you listed burnt, frozen, strawberried, depixelized, and Midnight Moe. Why isn't electrocuted listed on here? I've seen NICKtendo and Chris make electrocuted sprites with their characters.
i forgot to add that as a status effect since the very start of the project
I wasn't 100% it was necessary. It's been added now o/
Added a better description for the large character select screen mugshot with examples + added the select screen beta under resources
Continue screen sketches:
[Image: m0xqgxz.gif][Image: 2a6Dpvm.gif]
(06-15-2014, 09:49 AM)Chris2Balls [:B] Wrote: [ -> ]Continue screen sketches:
[Image: m0xqgxz.gif][Image: 2a6Dpvm.gif]

Looking rather Smash Bros-ey Smile
Could I propose a few palette changes?


We don't have to use these exact shades, but some shades in a few of the colors ramps are either outdated or too low-contrast compared to the rest and it just bugged me a lot.
i'm not in favor of changing colors in the palette at this point because it'd necessitate changes to existing characters.

[Image: x06dbnm.png]


if any changes are to be made, they need to take into account what's already been created with the initial palette.
Yeah, I think the blues are in a bit of a delicate state right now. I personally don't see to much issue with it. Every palette needs SOME desaturated colors, even if they are used sparingly.

I added the continue screen sketches because for some reason I didn't comprehend they were meant to go under resources, which is why they were posted here :Y
Welp, sorry C2B--added now!
I think these Neo Geo Pocket games are pretty good examples of what can be done in approximately 4 frames and with a similar sized canvas:
Fatal Fury F-Contact
The King of Fighters R-1
The King of Fighters R-2
Samurai Shodown! 2
SNK vs. Capcom: Match of the Millennium
And a bonus post from Pixel Digest, with Akuma gifs from SNK vs. Capcom.
thanks chris!
now i got some sword wielding poses in a similar sprite canvas for me to base my character of!
Cute (^ - ^)
I'd just like to point out
[Image: iuuAszB.png]

Here it is in 2x for double its beauty.
[Image: El4Eqni.png]

The poke/AA game is real.

Accept your fate.
You need to make like an anime fangirl,
and embrace the hell out of poke.

Don't have the range of a dinosaur.
(sorry Sketchasaurus)

(but at least you've embraced this and compensated with cool ideas)
For those of who are daunted by making the large portraits... no worries, the menus aren't definitive and this is an alternative which requires only your normal sprites and the normal portrait sprite:
[Image: t4ObG0h.png]

[Image: uaNXHzN.gif]
little bonus gif
[Image: mzw5nopq.bn1.png]
Thought I'd try spriting myself in this style. Does it look right?
(not sure if this is the right thread for this but I don't wanna make a new one when I'm just messing around)
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