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Full Version: Chris2Balls (PLAYER)
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[Image: nuJ9hZg.png]
Chris2Balls is an aggressive and unpredictable character. He is specialised in close-range combat, favouring combos and juggling over long-range attacks and projectiles.

Out of 15 *s:
Health: **
Attack: ****
Defense: ***
Speed: ****
Jump: **

I'll carry on editing the sheet, and will add animations and explanations to boot pretty soon.

Sound clips here.






Quarter Circle references
Clockwise: TF,BF,BB,TB -> TopFront, BottomFront, BottomBack, TopBack
Anti-Clockwise: TF,TB, BB, BF -> TopFront, TopBack, BottomBack, BackFront



I've put most of the graphics in spoilers. The rest will come during the week.
Added Special 2, updated the sprite sheet.
mmm the shell seems kind of weird to use if you can still attack, cuz there's gonna be ton of clipping then.
That was my intention. :B

Done special 3/ duck kick 2.
I've edited special 3 and duck kick. Working on the duck punch now

Edit: put the walk backwards in too.
I should be sleeping, but I've now got a definitive description of the missing attacks. Six animations to go, four of which are already more or less done.
Duck punch updated.

Edit: typo, and now there's a new Special 3 gif.

Edit2: Hokuto No Balls gif is uploaded.
I've lost track of what I've edited, but the air kick has been updated. Onto the Gognio now

Edit2: updated. Only the special 2 to do now.
Updated the sheet. The mock animation is being started, and I should be done.

Edit: sheet done, animation in progress
Special 2: Ball Storm gif done. Finished, phew. I'll add a few bonuses but that's about it! Big Grin
After some deliberation, Special 3 : Butt Hurt has been changed to Special 3 - Rising Loaf.
[Image: XIxf0Ug.gif]

[Image: DYu6qPY.gif]
Is C2B a stand user?!

[Image: FffKQva.gif]
New colour.

[Image: VommJnt.gif]
New faces.
[Image: Fq0iU53.gif]
I don't know where else to put it, but here's an idea.
chris in your big portrait, the arm is a little too small, and the hand looks really bad, just htought i'd let you know Smile
there has to be a bar in between them when they first appear, because the cutoff looks really awkward otherwise
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