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Full Version: Club Penguin: EPF and Herbert's Revenge Ripping Project
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This 2 games have a bunch of sprites, and they are hard to rip.
Mostly because I just can't find any in the games, only textures and models, which doesn't have to do with the actual game at all.
The only method that I found to work was the hard ripping one.

So, if you can, please help me with this. Its kind of a big project and I can't do it by myself. I managed to rip at least somethings, but its still nothing compared to what I want.

NOTE: The layers of this game are pretty damn weird and that could mean a bigger challenge.

Example rip: [Image: ClubPenguinEPF-HerbertsRevenge_40_14182_zpsb29af2a3.png]